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MOON PILLOW 👶🏼 Helps your little one sleep alone

MOON PILLOW 👶🏼 Helps your little one sleep alone

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Design PATENTED by Starlitbaby®️ Spain
OEPM Patent: U202330601

🌙 Easy transition from crib to bed
🌙 Quiet nights without waking up
🌙 Feeling of not being alone at night
🌙 Your little one feels wrapped up and safe
🌙 Accompanies your little one's development
🌙 Soft and fluffy texture
🌙 Incorporates sensory tags


👧🏼👶🏼1 to 5 years old


  • Length by width: 87 x 65 cm
  • Cervical height: 5 cm
  • Hip rest height: 10 cm
  • Weight: 750g


  • 100% extra soft cotton
  • Respectful for all skin types
  • Ultra breathable Dacron fiber filling
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    Is it safe for children with asthma?

    Yes, the Luna is safe for children with respiratory problems thanks to its antibacterial filling and anti-acarian treatment. In addition, the Dacron fiber filling is one of the most breathable and helps not to retain moisture or accumulate bacteria.

    From what age is it suitable?

    Luna Pillow is perfect for kids from 1 years old. Ensures a smooth transition to sleeping alone. Some little ones may start earlier, at 8-10 months for a clear preference to sleep with huggable pillows and/or for an express physiological need to sleep a little incorporated. Although the WHO does not recommend the use of pillows before the age of 2, the needs and preferences of each baby/child should be studied individually and not widely.

    Up to what age can it be used?

    Luna is designed to last for years, accompanying your children in their growth and dreams until they are about 5 years old (depending on the evolution, development and preferences of each child).

    How do you wash the Luna pillow?

    The Luna is machine safe. Use a gentle cycle and cold water. Maximum spin at 600RPM. After washing, shake the Moon well and air dry it (tent) to maintain its softness. Once dry, gently redistribute the filling with your hands if necessary.

    What is the delivery time?

    Deliveries in 24-48 hours in Spain Peninsula and Portugal Peninsula (not applicable to weekends, holidays, Islands and the rest of Europe, delivery times being 48-72 hours).

    What about warranty and returns?

    24-month warranty and returns within 15 days. More complete information can be found in our Return and Warranty Policies section.