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BABY NEST REDUCER "From month 0 and premature❤️"

BABY NEST REDUCER "From month 0 and premature❤️"

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As a mother of 2 little ones, in the first months of life I missed a Reducer that would give me more peace of mind when laying my babies inside and doing the "reducer" function. Hence, I made a decision. Create a Unique Formula that makes our Reducer
the most SAFE and UNIQUE in its design

What were you looking to solve with our Reducer Nest design?

🖤 Better adapt the crib and carrycot space
🖤 Reduce stress in your baby
🖤 Improve the vital development of your baby
🖤 Reinforce the Prevention of Plagiocephaly
🖤 Facilitate babies' sleep with fewer interruptions
🖤 Help you also get more and better rest
🖤 Make your co-sleeping safer and more comfortable
🖤 May you enjoy quiet walks with your baby in the carrycot
🖤 May you feel that you are really giving the best care to your baby

In short, improve our lives while protecting and caring for our Babies (With a unique and patented design).

"Motherhood awakened in me many fears and insecurities that were my motivation to create the Starlit Nest Reducer. Today, thousands of mothers can walk calmly with their babies in the carrycot without them crying for arms; Many mothers are also enjoying a totally safe co-sleeping and, above all, that allows them to rest better; and all those mothers who, like me, travel a lot with their babies around work...they can take their reducer anywhere because it is very small and manageable. I feel immensely happy to have created something that provides much more peace of mind and comfort to other mothers like me in their daily lives 🫶🏻"


🚼 from 0 to 8 months


  • Length by width: 70 x 40 cm
  • Cervical height: 1 mm
  • Reducer height: 10 cm
  • Arm height: 10 cm
  • Weight: 450g


  • 100% Cotton extra soft
  • Friendly for baby's skin
  • Ultra breathable Dacron Fiber filling
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Does the Starlit Reducing Nido serve me for my carrycot?

All the carrycot with mattresses from 33 cm wide onwards perfectly collect the Starlit Reducer Nest.

Is it safe for newborns?

Yes, the Starlit Reducing Nest is ideal for babies since month 0. Thanks to the innovative technology, the reducer is 100% safe since it has highly studied measures that provide maximum safety, zero risk of suffocation and maximum comfort for babies from birth.

Can I wash the Reducing Nest?

Yes, it can be machine washed. We recommend the delicate regime at maximum 30C for the better preservation of the filling of the fluffy fiber. Do not spin at more than 600 RPM or go through a dryer, in order to help the good preservation of the filling. Do not use bleach.

Up to what age is the Reducing Nid suitable?

The use of the Reducing Nest is recommended until 8 months (always subject to the development and preferences of each baby).

What about warranty and returns?

24-month warranty and returns within 15 days. More complete information can be found in our Return and Warranty Policies section.

What is the delivery time?

Deliveries in 24-48 hours in Spain Peninsula and Portugal Peninsula (not applicable to weekends, holidays, Islands and the rest of Europe, delivery times being 48-72 hours).