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STARLIT PILLOW 👶🏼 Ideal from 1 year old

STARLIT PILLOW 👶🏼 Ideal from 1 year old

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⭐ No awakenings during Naps & Rest 
⭐ Traditional design adapted for children
⭐ Maximum comfort y well-being
⭐ No zippers or buttons
⭐ The best choice for cribs y beds
⭐ Anatomical, fluffy and ultra-soft
⭐ Removable pillowcase

👧🏼👶🏼1 to 4 years old


  • Length by width:
  • 50x30 cm
  • Cervical height: 5 cm
  • Weight: 400g


  • Cotton 100
  • Gentle for all skin types
  • Ultra-breathable Dacron fibre padding
  • Washer and dryer safe
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Is it safe for children under 1 year old?

Yes, anatomical design and safe materials make it suitable from the first year.

How do I wash the pillow?

The pillow and cover are machine safe, ensuring easy cleaning.

Is it gentle enough for toddlers?

Absolutely, the Starlit Pillow is ultra soft to ensure the comfort of your little ones.

How long is the warranty?

We offer a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Can I use it on a standard size bed?

Yes, its versatile design makes it perfect for beds of all sizes.

Is it allergy resistant?

Yes, breathable filler and hypoallergenic materials make it safe for everyone.